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about us
  • Primaris has been present on IT-services market since 2010.
  • We focus on providing high quality IT services.
  • We represent a team of almost 280 devoted IT consultants specializing in a wide range of technologies.
  • We deliver projects for clients in different countries focusing on clients based in Poland and Germany.
  • We work both in agile and waterfall environment. Our teams always work in close cooperation with clients no matter whether we work on site or off site.
  • We have DevOps processes in place enabling our work for clients to be both efficient and with quality. We can use our own processes or implement client specific ones.
  • Our standard sales process is build around establishing a transparent dialogue with the client, enabling us to tailor our offer to his specific needs.

Planview Partner

Primaris has been a service and implementation partner of Planview Enterprise for several years. Except for functional consulting, design and configuration, our highly qualified consultants provide business intelligence work for Planview Consulting. Primaris has supported global implementations for multiple customers of Planview.

Planview Support

Primaris service offering includes providing remote functional and administrative support of Planview Enterprise. Our consultants not only take over the administration and configuration of the tool from the customer but also coordinate all actions with Planview Software Support and help end-users with their functional questions with regards to the daily work in the tool. Currently, we provide our services in English, German and Polish.

Business Intelligence

For our clients, we provide construction and development services for corporate data warehouses. We create reports, dashboards and analyzes. Primaris consultants participate in projects carried out by several dozen people teams for large capital groups with a complex structure. We have experience in building DWH / BI systems from scratch as well as in development and optimization systems already operating in the structures of our clients. We smoothly take over the maintenance of BI systems written in the past by other teams and we take responsibility for SLAs under long-term maintenance contracts. We support our clients at the early stage of choosing solutions, i.e. in the process of developing a concept and selecting tools. We provide BI services both in the fixed price and body leasing formula.
  • Why choose Primaris?

    • Our team of specialists successfully uses both Big Data solutions and solutions based on the classic approach to data processing with the use of relational databases.
    • An important role in our projects is played by:
      • prototyping as a tool ensuring unambiguous understanding of the requirements,
      • Data Governance,
      • data modeling technique (Data Vault, multi-dimensional),
      • optimization of data processing, analysis and reporting.
    • Primaris consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in the use of many technologies and tools available on the IT market.
    • We work with both commercial and Open Source solutions.
  • Major DWH / BI competences

    • The Primaris team has extensive experience in the area of ​​analysis and design.
    • We have extensive experience in implementing DWH / BI solutions.
    • We are able to optimize the operation of DWH / BI systems.
    • We have experience gained both while working on the side of suppliers and recipients of BI systems.
  • Selected DWH / BI references

    Scope of work: Development of the DWH / BI strategy.

    Client: Large insurance group

    Scope of work: Development and maintenance of a corporate data warehouse. The area of ​​sales, finance, controlling, risk, operations, obligatory and group reporting.

    Client: Bank

    Scope of work: Maintenance and development of data warehouse in SAS Institute technology.

    Client: Bank

    Scope of work: Development of a BI strategy for a financial group.

    Client: A company from the financial industry

    Scope of work: Development and maintenance of the analytical and reporting system.

    Client: Provider of courier services

    Scope of work: Development of a pre-implementation business concept and corporate architecture, group data warehouse for all companies included in the enterprise.

    Client: Large insurance group

    Scope of work: Construction of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) system.

    Client: Investment fund company

Customer Communication Management CCM - a comprehensive solution for multi-channel communication with the customer

If you create and distribute thousands of documents and messages to your clients per day, in any form, be it traditional correspondence, e-mail, or using social messengers and you suspect that your most important audience is not receive information exactly as they should, the current solution costs money probably too much, and functional limitations slow down communication processes with customers, do not allow you to easily adapt the forms of communication to your needs or even prevent you from getting some business goals see why other companies choose Infinica's Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution.

  • We manage the process of defining outgoing document templates.
  • We support multi-channel outbound communication in the most popular channels and formats (print, PDF, mailing, SMS, instant messaging).
  • We provide a convenient path of additional personalization for people who have direct contact with the client.
  • We fully control the process of accepting and sending outgoing correspondence.
  • We reduce the costs of all stages of multi-channel communication with clients.

The business user's desktop, both at the stage of designing documents and the person deciding on the final shape of outgoing correspondence, has been designed in accordance with the best currently applicable standards of convenience and functionality. Ease of data and process integration in the field of databases, CRM, ERP, Contact Center, back office, maturity of the platform and the growing number of references in Europe are the elements that contribute to the reduction of implementation costs and long-term maintenance of the solution.

Primaris is an implementation partner of the Infinica Platform in Poland. The solution is used in telecommunications, insurance, transport, production and many other industries.

IT Security, Identity and Access Management, Multi Factor Authentication, True Passwordless Authentication, Zero Trust Architecture.

Breaking or using someone else's passwords is responsible for several dozen percent cases of breaking into IT systems. One of the most effective security methods there is prevention. As an implementation partner of Veridium, we offer a comprehensive analysis and offer selection of the optimal set of factors that should be implemented in a given organization in order to improve the level of IT security. We support the latest recommendations in our activities NIST. The Veridium platform is fully proven in key sectors of the economy, a configurable comprehensive solution used worldwide in companies telecommunications, insurance, banks and administrative units public. The Veridium platform allows you to completely eliminate passwords and enter benefits for organizations in many fields.

What are the main benefits of using a class platform Passwordless?

  • Improving the security level of IT systems from several perspectives. For example, eliminating passwords entry stage significantly reduces the possibility of unauthorized and uncontrolled access to data and systems. No events related to the discredit of 'credentials'.
  • Lower your operating costs (OPEX) significantly. ROI is calculable on the level of access management costs, tools used, service processes incidents, password resets, helpdesk or contact center loads, and many related costs.
  • Limiting the risk of breach or loss of reputation due to information leakage data of the company or its clients, and the potential imposition of penalties in connection with the violation of applicable legal regulations (PSD2, RODO, ...).
  • Increasing the comfort of work for employees, partners and customers of the company, we save their time spent logging into different systems. Eliminating the necessity of remembering increasingly complex and changing security features.
  • We offer additional, unheard of in other approaches, security for particularly demanding processes (access dependent on geolocation, using dynamic analysis of user behavior for estimation level of risk, including the implementation of behavioral engines).
  • We fully support microservice IT architectures built in the Zero Trust concept Architecture.
  • We enable the authentication of legacy applications without the need for them to be remodeled.
  • We work according to SAML, RADIUS, oAUTH, OIDC, FIDO, RESTAPI standards.


Many project tasks can be performed off site after the business and technological requirements have been defined. Based on our specialized teams we are able to quickly deliver high quality within a short span of time. The cost can be substantially lower as we eliminate business trips, to the benefits of both sides.

Team Leasing

As part of our service we offer not only the leasing of programmers, analysts, architects, IT-specialists and project managers but also complete project teams. Those teams can be either managed by the client or take over full responsibility for delivering given tasks. We also offer an extended team leasing encompassing working on our premises including IT infrastructure which basically constitutes the near shoring offer.


  • Application Support & Development Take Over
  • BI Report Development
  • Data Science
  • Mobile Applications
cooperation with partners

We implement and integrate solutions of our strategic partners who are dominant in their market segments.

Such solutions apply complex business processes and enable customers to implement innovative products or services.

Please join Sponsor Primaris and Pricefx at Accelerate 2024. For two days in Atlanta, Accelerate brings together leaders and influencers from global, cutting-edge companies to share pricing insights on business transformation, next gen AI, and industry best practices. This is a unique opportunity to engage with Pricefx’s most influential pricing experts and customers. Join us!
PriceFX - we have been in partnership with Pricefx - global leader in cloud-based pricing software - since 2017. We have delivered many projects for customers in various industry sectors and have also been contributing to product development, gaining reliable experience in the area. We continue to grow the partnership program by providing new services to new customers.
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UiPath - we offer a consolidated package of services related to the implementation of RPA solutions that use UiPath technology based on potential identification, consulting, training, pilot implementation, test automation, maintenance and service.
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Planview - as part of our partnership with Planview, our implementation consultants have successfully participated in many international projects. For years, we have been supporting customers in the implementation and optimal use of Planview products, we are active in the area of Business Intelligence, creating dedicated reporting solutions as well as the integration of Planview products with other systems. Our competencies also include support for end users and system administrators, as well as ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the system.
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SAP - Primaris has SAP Open Ecosystem Build Partner status, therefore we are able to offer solutions which are compatible with SAP’s business applications, develop extensions, integrations and applications for SAP solutions.
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Microsoft - we are a partner in providing services and selling Microsoft products. We are experienced in the implementation, integration and support of solutions based on Microsoft technologies such as software, cloud, devices and services.
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Veridium - is the most comprehensive Integrated Passwordless Platform powered by AI-based Behavioural Biometrics, enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), digital ID verification, and a true enterprise-grade passwordless experience for employees and customers. Low code, agile, and flexible.
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Infinica - the company was founded in Vienna in 2006 and has been developing high-quality software for comprehensive and multi-channel management of customer communications. Primaris is the dedicated implementation partner for customers in the Polish market.
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ul.Bukowińska 22B
02 - 703 Warszawa
+ 48 22 378 30 39
45 Ventnor Avenue
6005 West Perth
+61 4 932 741 48
Contact person: Basha Mahaboob
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